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Mrs. Homefront has a unique way of blending vintage and modern styles. The balance of the new and old has a way of bringing things to life. For Emily (a.k.a Mrs. Homefront) home is where ever the army sends her and her family and she currently resides in the great state of Texas surrounded by lone stars and wild flowers. Fabric has always been a part of her life; she started hand sewing at age 8. It is a passion that has proven to give endless opportunities. Emily spends her days sketching and designing ideas for her next fabric line.

“From a young age I would grab an armful of art supplies and with a glimmer in my eye look to my sister or mother and say ‘Lets make something!’ To this day I say that to friends and it has always brought me joy to make something beautiful” -Emily

That is Emily’s wish to make something beautiful together.

Let’s Make Something Beautiful Together!