Mariner’s Compass

This week I had the pleasure of learning from Robin of Robin Ruth designs. Not only is she so sweet, but she is as smart as a whip! She has, in my opinion, revolutionized compass making.

Most of us see compasses and run for the hills! Now we don’t have to, thanks to Robin, and her ingenious ruler. Making compasses can be fun. Her method only requires her ruler and different strip widths of fabric. This is a NOT done with paper piecing.

You can imagine my excitement when she agreed to come teach here in Texas.

She showed us her many different quilts and all of the fun ways to use her patterns. Then we got down to business. We started by sewing our first 2 strips of fabric together.


We pressed them and then used her angle ruler to cut them apart. From there we made a couple of cuts using her ruler.


Then you sew one of those pieces back on to create “little pie”. Next grab strip number 3, and you repeat the process until you have what’s called “big pie”. Once you have 4 “big pie” you sew them onto one last strip and then piece them together.


Then you have a block! All you need to do to finish it, is put a circle or square in the center (which ever you choose) and sew your circle into a square or finish it to be a square, like I did in the picture.


Now obviously it takes some time and a little brain power to create your first block, but as you move along you will create the muscle memory of using her ruler. Her workshop is absolutely excellent. One of my favorite things about her rulers is they come with a guide book explaining each step clearly through words and pictures (a big thank you from us visual learners).

I look forward to making more of her blocks and patterns. And if I ever have trouble, I can go to her free app or her website ( to watch tutorials and a small refresher.


If you have ever thought about making a Mariner’s Compass and thought you weren’t up to the challenge, check out Robin’s website and give it a go! I think you’ll really love how she does things!

3 thoughts on “Mariner’s Compass

  1. Fantastic job, Emily. The colors are well chosen and the navy in the corners really sets it off. Plus, you did an excellent job helping me complete my first compass.


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